• trinity

my Raspberry Pi

by www.pihomeserver.fr


An app for a Raspberry

This application has been created to let you learn about this small card that will provide you fun. Capabilities are unlimited so now it's your turn to enter in this increadible world !


About me

Fan of new technologies, i discovered the Raspberry Pi two years ago and never stopped using it. I created my blog www.pihomeserver.fr to share my projects, tutorials and ideas.

This application is my first one, my first use of Cordova and AngularJS. So please be kind with me and feel free to contact me to suggest updates or improvements :-)


If you want to help in the translation of this app, please contact me !
For now available languages are english and french.



  • Hardware

    You can learn about the hardware specifications of the diffenrent models. For model A, B and B+, there is a description of the card, the limits and the specific functionnalities. Most components are explained and can be located on each card.

    A dedicated section describes all GPIO functions, I2C, UART, etc.

    No more secrets on the Pi !

  • Start up

    When you want to start it can be difficult to know where to start ! This section will help you to identify peripherals that you can connect to the Raspberry, the minimal requirements and optional elements.

    A specific section will describe most know distribution that you can install to make your Pi comes to live.

    Last but not least, you will find suggestions about projects to start your journey.

  • Internet ressources

    I selected some websites that i found usefull or interesting to read to learn more about the nano-sized computer.


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